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 Create memories.  
  Preserve memories.  
  Share memories.  

KAMA helps solve one of the biggest public health issues of our times,
the problem of illnesses caused by loneliness and social isolation of our elderly.
While younger generations connect through digital devices and social media,
the communication channels of today are neither user-friendly for
our grandparents nor cater to age-related diseases,
such as strokes or just simply impaired vision and shaky hands.

KAMA consists of a grandmother-friendly app and a haptic memory book, embedded in a customizable cover. KAMA reconnects generations by combining the value of digital and tangible communication. KAMA uses motivation triggers for more meaningful conversations within families across distances. Collecting memories, sound bites, stories and milestone moments of their lives, KAMA helps preserve memories for eternity.


"KAMA is an interactive book, reconnecting
generations. It enables meaningful
conversations and preserves
memories for the future."





Daniela Krautsack (CEO World of Kama AS)

is an educated media strategist, a Business Academy graduate and holds an MBA in Media-Management. She is an urban experience designer, trend researcher, author and journalist. She lectures at universities and conferences internationally as a global expert on ambient and innovative media, urban interventions, retail theatre and city branding. Daniela built her career within the MediaCom network, handling multinational FMCG accounts and innovating traditional media channels. Having travelled the world several times and having lived in Central America and across Europe, Daniela has been building a large network in the creative industries. Finding solutions to city problems by employing the cross-generational knowledge of citizen experts is the mission of Cities Next, a civic innovation agency that Daniela founded in 2014. She has been working with municipalities, ministries, the chamber of commerce, museums, city marketing associations and experts in the field of sociology, participatory process design, architecture and spacial planning, developing storytelling concepts and interdisciplinary communications strategies to connect, educate and engage with citizens.







Siri Warren (CDO World of Kama AS)

has a background as a design director focusing on product and service design as well as creative process management. After many years in New York developing products with David Weeks, Dwell Studio and Target she returned to Europe with a desire to develop meaningful products for large societal challenges. Together with SoCentral.no she has hosted the sustainable city development project Pådriv.no as well as the Norwegian Research Council´s “Cities that work” idea lab. With THNK.org in Lisbon she has served as their challenge facilitator leading participants to develop concepts and ventures addressing renewable prosperity. Siri was a participant in one of Norway’s largest innovation pilots, developing business models and sustainable income sources for the Norwegian Red Cross. In Norway she worked on several large brand and identity projects, co-hosted the Oslo edition of DAA – Design-led Innovation For Active Aging on Welfare Technology, aiming to find solutions for Europe’s growing elderly population.



If you have an expertise or something to offer that helps to improve KAMA and our aim to reconnect generations, we would love to hear from you.

Siri C. Warren
c/o World of Kama AS
Nordic Incubator for Societal Innovation
Øvre Slottsgate 3
Oslo - Norway



Daniela O. Krautsack
c/o World of Kama AS
Stumpergasse 49/33
1060 Wien – Austria